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Aluminum Cast Plates

ELLWOOD Aluminum manufactures aluminum cast plates with ultra-high-performance alloys optimized for plastic mold tooling plates. We specifically engineer to maximize the operational advantages of using aluminum alloys for today’s molding technologies, including injection molding, RIM, structural foam molding, vacuum forming, blow molding, rubber molding, tire molding, composite tooling and molds, as well as thermoforming molds.

The high-quality alloys of our aluminum cast plate allow the product to be used for aerospace composite tooling, robotic, and machinery components. Our aluminum cast plates are forged and heat treated to offer mold builders  higher strength and hardness in a larger aluminum mold plate thickness range.

Aluminum Cast Plate Advantages

  • Equiaxed grain structure
  • Low residual stress
  • Extreme flatness tolerance capability
  • Good internal soundness
  • Excellent surface finish

Many choose aluminum cast plates because they are faster and less costly to fabricate than steel. In addition, aluminum is easier to handle and stock since it weighs significantly less. The thermal conductivity of aluminum plates is higher than steel, so aluminum can cut molding cycle times to help you increase your output. Aluminum casting plates also allow the molds to cool more evenly, minimizing the risk of distortion in the molded part.

Aluminum Cast Plate Manufacturing Applications

  • Foam molding
  • Vacuum forming
  • Blow molding
  • RIM and structural foam molding
  • Rubber molding
  • Tire molding
  • Injection molding
  • Thermoforming molds
  • Composite tooling and molds
  • Aerospace composite tooling, robotic and machinery components

Aluminum cast plates are used in a various industries in the end applications of everyday products, including automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, and consumer goods.  Some of these common products include plastic trays, food containers, medical devices, vehicle doors and panels, refrigerator linings, machine housings, and enclosures.

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