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Largest Cross Section Aluminum Slab Ever Produced in North America

Tuesday Feb 2nd, 2021

ELLWOOD Aluminum, a worldwide large diameter aluminum ingot and billet, rectangular slab, and cast plate manufacturer, announces that they have manufactured the largest cross section aluminum slab ever produced in North America.

Press Release (PDF)

Building1 web

Building Construction Begins

Monday Sep 2nd, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the building that will contain our scrap bay, preheater, melting & holding furnaces, and homogenizing furnaces is now under construction and proceeding rapidly in its construction!  We look forward to having a finished building and to start buying and melting aluminum so that we can supply our many interested customers and their unique needs.

First Concrete Form Placed v2

First Concrete Form Placed!

Thursday Jun 27th, 2019

Project Update:

The first (of many!) concrete forms has been erected!


Project Launch

Friday Apr 20th, 2018

ELLWOOD Aluminum is joining the ELLWOOD family today!